Enrichment - the action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something.

At The King's School we encourage all of our students to participate in our wide-ranging extracurricular programme. This includes sporting teams, curriculum clubs and our academic Achieve extra support sessions.


Enrichment Timetable (Terms 1 & 2) 2021/22

Enrichment Timetable (Terms 3 & 4) 2021/22 - available January 2022

Enrichment Timetable (Terms 5 & 6) 2021/22 - available April 2022


There are also Achieve sessions for Year 10 & 11 students throughout the course of the year, to ensure that all students achieve the very highest of outcomes at The King's School.

Selected Year 10 students and their parents/carers have been informed and will have their own personal timetable.

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SMSC Assembly Calendar 2021-22

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