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We want you to be able to access all the support you need when you are studying from home. Below are various resources which provide you with information on how to use our online learning platforms. Show My Home Work (SMHW) is our main method of communication and all home learning will be set here by class teachers. In the event of a local lockdown, or groups of students being asked to self-isolate, teachers will re-share all Google Classroom codes on SMHW. Alongside SMHW we will also be using Google Classrooms and a number of other online educational software packages that students are already familiar with.

Should you be experiencing problems with logging on, if you do not have access to an electronic device, or if you need support with any aspect of home learning, then please email: admin@kings.patrust.org.uk. Your email will then be re-directed to a member of staff who will be able to support you.

Students are encouraged to write all usernames and passwords on page 26 of their planner.

Details and support for SMHW and Google Classroom can be found below.

Show My Homework

All communication about home learning and weekly home learning tasks will come through SMHW.

Click on the links below to see video or written user guides for students and parents which you may find of use.

Show My Homework (parent guide)

Show My Homework (student guide)

Managing Notifications in Show My Homework

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an online learning platform that gives teachers and students the capability to share resources and work. Teachers can set work for students to submit allowing teachers to monitor progress and provide feedback for tasks where this is relevant. All home learning tasks will continue to be set and explained on SMHW, but teachers of some subjects may then direct students onto Google Classroom.

All students have a Google Classroom account. In Year 8-Year 11, student login details for Google Classroom are fullname@theks.co.uk. For example, joebloggs@theks.co.uk. For students in Year 7, a number 1 is included in the username; for example, fullname1@theks.co.uk.

Students have been given their passwords. These should be written on page 26 of each students' planner.

Click on the link below for further guidance about logging in and using this platform.

Google Classroom Guide for Students

Managing Notifications in Google Classroom


Click on the images below to find out more about each of the online learning platforms. This will direct you an overview about the learning platform, a direct link to the home page and information about log in details.

If students have forgotten any login details, or are having any issues using any of the above online learning packages, they should send a message to the relevant subject teacher on SMHW and the teacher will reply and make sure any issues are resolved.