We place a great deal of importance on developing the personal and social skills that young people need in order to function well as positive citizens. The King's School has high expectations for student behaviour so that teachers can teach and students can learn; we expect the standards that would be displayed in any professional workplace. It is our teachers’ responsibility to ensure that the school delivers a safe environment with outstanding teaching. It is our students’ responsibility to be well presented, polite and courteous at all times, and uphold the student ‘non negotiables’ outlined below. In addition, we expect parents to support and uphold our rules so that every child can succeed.

  • Follow staff instructions first time and without questions.
  • Be punctual in the morning and to all lessons with a full set of equipment.
  • Always have a polite and positive attitude towards staff and peers.
  • In all lessons have your planner out on the desks, record homework and complete it on time.
  • Speak only with the teacher’s permission during lessons.
  • Endeavour to speak clearly, correctly and in full sentences.
  • Walk calmly and quietly around the building; do not have inappropriate physical contact with other students.
  • Respect the building – never drop or leave litter.

Our students understand that there are always consequences associated with good and poor behaviour. With this in mind, we have a simple and consistently enforced system of rewards and sanctions to support high standards of behaviour. This encourages hard work, rewards good behaviour and promotes success.

What happens if students do not meet our expectations?

Our Behaviour Matrix sets out clear guidance regarding sanctions.

Behaviour for Learning Policy - Secondary


We make every effort to ensure that the learning environment meets the needs of all of our students, taking into account their individual needs and circumstances. However, if we consider that a student’s behaviour at school or in the community is unacceptable the Headteacher reserves the right to exclude students either internally or externally from the school.