Our students are expected to achieve standards of excellence in all areas of school life, including appearance. An excellent standard of uniform supports excellent behaviour, equality amongst young people and reflects the pride that our students have in being part of the school community.

A copy of the Uniform Policy can be accessed via the Policies page.

Pre-owned Uniform

The school has free pre-owned uniform available to support our families who are most in need. In order to keep our pre-owned uniform stocks replenished and to help as many families as possible, we would therefore kindly ask parents/carers to donate any school uniform in good condition that their child no longer requires. Items that we would like are: blazers, ties, shirts, skirts, trousers, PE kit and shoes.  All donations can be made to the main reception at any time during the academic year. 

If you require pre-owned uniform please contact admin@kings.patrust.org.uk to arrange a visit. Unfortunately, however we cannot guarantee there will be uniform to fit your child as it is solely dependent on donations.