Parents/Carers Evening

All parents/carers evenings are virtual meetings. Parents/carers will be sent all of the relevant information two weeks prior to the evening. Once you receive the relevant information, you will then be able to book your appointments on the School Cloud booking system.

Virtual Parents/Carers Evenings: Guides and Information

How To Access Your Video Appointment

To access your video appointment, go to the School Cloud website (linked earlier on this webpage) and log-in, as you did to make the appointment. Alternatively, open the link in the confirmation email you were sent with your appointment time.

You will see a button entitled 'Join Video Appointments'. When this is green, you will be able to click to access your video appointment.

You may, at this point, be asked if you wish to allow access to your camera/microphone, in which case please click 'Yes'.

At the exact time of your appointment, you will be able to click 'Start Appointment'.

When the countdown (in the blue bar) stops, the appointment time is over and the call will automatically end.

Important Notes

  • Please ensure that you have logged into the system 10-15 minutes before your first appointment.
  • When you have joined the appointments, a screen will allow you to test your camera, microphone and speakers. Please ensure that all 3 are working before you move to the next screen.
  • When your appointment is ready, select the ‘Start appointment’ button. You will need to do this for every appointment.
  • The appointments last 5 minutes, you will see a timer on the screen. When this reaches 0:00, you will automatically be moved to the next appointment with the next teacher.
  • Please be aware that appointments cannot be extended, or rearranged for any reason, including technical difficulties. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your system is working on the test screen first, please contact school if you have any issues at this point.
  • If there is an issue with the video appointments, teachers may be able to call you. Please note that time spent trying to reach you via phone will not extend your time, as the next appointment on the system will still be automatically moved on.

Many thanks for your understanding and patience with this new venture. If you require any help or further information after the parents/carers evenings please contact us via