Welcome to The King’s School. We are looking forward to meeting you in September at the start of the next phase of your academic journey. On this section of the website you will find lots of information about what you can expect when you start in Year 7. There are videos you can watch, which will give you a taste of what the school environment looks like and allow you to meet some of the staff in school. There is also information about the subjects you will be studying and you can even watch some lessons. Please look through the other tabs on our website which will tell you additional information about the school and what you can expect. 

Please follow us on Twitter @KingsPontefract where we will keep you updated on transition.

Information for Parents/Carers

A Day in the Life of a
Student at The King's School


Welcome to The King's School Video

We offer a diverse curriculum for our students in an engaging environment. Click on the video to see what a typical day at The King's School is like.

Meet The Pastoral team

Meet your Key Stage Leader - Mrs. Carrington

Meet your Student Liaison Officer - Mrs. Watts

Welcome from our SENCO - Miss. Brown


Don't Stop Believin' - Virtual Performance

Year 6 FAQs


If you need to ask us anything, please email admin@kings.patrust.org.uk and a member of our transition team will get in touch.