'Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.'

Steve Jobs


The study of Creative Technology, requires students, over time, to develop a secure knowledge of materials, and use specialist tools and machinery skilfully and safely to design and make a range of products.

Students will cover a variety of areas in Creative Technology that often overlap but consist of -

Engineering - Measuring accurately and using specialist tools and equipment.

Product Design - Designing and making innovative products.

Food Technology - Creating a range of dishes and be aware of the nutrients they provide and food provenance (where our food comes from).

Computing - Use a range of software including CAD, CAM.

As students progress through the Key Stages, they will continually revisit the very important points (VIPs) from the topics that they study, consolidating key knowledge of materials and processes they continue to use.

Students will have termly Key Piece assessments; This will combine theory knowledge imbedded with the very important points (VIP’s) and application of knowledge through practical skills, students will be marked on their finished artefacts and products, and in Food they will have a practical exam making a food product.

Curriculum Content

Each department has carefully developed curriculum plans in line with our curriculum intent. The curriculum overview for each year group in this subject can be found below.

Design Technology LTP Year 7

Design Technology LTP Year 11

Food LTP Year 11

Design Technology LTP Year 8

Engineering LTP Year 9

Design Technology LTP Year 9

Engineering LTP Year 10

Design Technology LTP Year 10

Engineering LTP Year 11