'Without mathematics, there's nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers'

Shakuntala Devi

Curriculum Intent

Maths is an all embracing and pervading part of life that is essential in equipping students with the skills needed for them to achieve their future aspirations. Our intent is to provide appropriate learning opportunities so that every pupil can enjoy and succeed in Mathematics.

Through our curriculum we aim to provide students with time and opportunities to fully explore mathematical concepts, investigating ideas in new and complex ways to develop a deepened understanding that builds their confidence and developing resilience.
Enabling students to solve new problem in unfamiliar contexts is the ultimate aim of mathematics education. We aim to achieve this by developing their ability to identify, connect and apply ideas to tackle new and more complex problems.

Students will study the following aspects of Mathematics:

Shape & Measurement
Ratio & Proportion

Each year the students will build upon previous topics and develop their understanding in all aspects of Maths.

As student’s progress through the Key Stages, they will continually revisit the very important points (VIPs) from the topics that they study, revising and consolidating key knowledge and continually developing their ability to apply this knowledge in a range of contexts from basic to abstract questions.

Students will have weekly knowledge tests and termly Key Piece assessments; additionally, each year group will have two key exams per year. Through our cumulative, frequently revisited and interleaved curriculum, students rapidly build confidence in all areas of Mathematics and a thirst to find out more about this subject.

Curriculum Content

Each department has carefully developed curriculum plans in line with our curriculum intent. The curriculum overview for each year group in this subject can be found below.

Year 7 Maths Curriculum Overview

Year 8 Maths Curriculum Overview

Year 9 Maths Curriculum Overview

Year 10 Maths Curriculum Overview

Year 11 Maths Curriculum Overview