Welcome to The King’s School. If you missed our Virtual Open Evening, we have included the footage below or alternatively you can  click here and Like our Facebook page to be able to access the video.

We are excited that you are considering us as the start of the next phase of your academic journey.

On this section of the website you will find lots of information about what you can expect when you start in Year 7. There are videos you can watch, which will give you a taste of what the school environment looks like and allow you to meet some of the staff in school. There is also information about the subjects you will be studying and you can even watch some lessons. Please look through the other tabs on our website which will tell you additional information about the school and what you can expect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Students will build relationships with different members of staff during their time at The King’s School who they feel they can talk to.
  • The great thing about the role of the Student Liaison Officer (SLO) is that it is a non-teaching role. SLO’s will be around during lesson drop ins and whilst on duty at break and lunch time, as well as in their office space. They will be able to provide the students with any support that they need and point them in the direction of external agencies if needs be.
  • The transition to secondary school is inevitably going to be daunting. Just remember everyone is in exactly the same boat and will share the same worries about moving up to Secondary School.
  • Rather than being anxious about the transition, try to focus on how exciting it is that you will make lifelong friends during this new stage of your life.
  • In terms of getting lost, do not worry about this! The school is full of signs to help guide you and there will be plenty of staff around to point you in the right direction if you do get a little bit lost.
  • Your form tutor is the first point of contact for the students. Every morning the students will spend 20 minutes in their forms where the tutor will be able to address any queries or issues that the students may have. Your form tutor will also work to ensure every student has the most successful transition from primary to secondary school, by monitoring behaviour and progress.
  • There are a number of activities that take place during form time including assemblies, which address current affairs, literacy focus mornings, fundraising for charities, interform competitions and a ‘talk the talk’ curriculum where students are encouraged to debate and discuss to promote confidence and articulation.
  • At Key Stage 3 you get approximately 30mins of homework per subject per week. For Maths this may involve logging onto Hegarty Maths or Eedi and watching the support video then completing an online quiz which gives you instant feedback on your work, Science have a similar resource with Educake. For other subjects it may be a written or research task but all will support your current learning in the classroom or help to retain previous knowledge and understanding in order to build upon it.
  • Students are setted when they start at The King's school.
  • These sets are based on their KS2 SATS results and teacher assessments.
  • Students follow the same curriculum, covering the same topics but may work through the content at a different pace.  Our focus is on embedding knowledge and ensuring that the very important points of our curriculum are learnt by all students.
  • Throughout the year there is the opportunity for movement within the sets.  This is based on formal assessments and teacher professional judgement to make sure that students are placed in the best sets.
  • Yes we do practical's from the start of year 7.
  • Practical's are important in science to develop skills, embed content and underpin theory.  At the very start of Year 7 we focus on safety within a science lab and the use of key equipment such as the Bunsen burner.
  • Skills are then developed throughout the year with practical's on separating mixtures, understanding electrical circuits and investigating temperature changes in chemical reactions, so that students are able to carry out full practical investigations and use chemicals safely.
  • The practical aspect of science is threaded through the science curriculum so that by the time students enter KS4 they are proficient at their practical skills and ready for the required practical aspect of their GCSEs.
  • First and foremost, our lessons are engaging and challenging. Students will tend to experience a range of collaborative and independent learning tasks within a lesson.
  • Knowledge is at the centre of everything that we do, be it learning new knowledge, embedding this learning or re-calling prior knowledge.
  • Lessons also provide a wide range of opportunities for students to build their cultural capital and to learn about wider society and the world around them.
  • Due to the current climate, it has made us more innovative with how we use online learning platforms.
  • We continue to use a range of existing, online platforms like Educake and Hegarty to support students with knowledge re-call. However, we also effectively utilise Google Classroom to extend students’ learning beyond the classroom. Currently, this is used to stream live, online lessons. However, it is also a platform which allows students to submit work easily and get quick, detailed feedback from staff. Teachers use this platform to share resources, videos and further reading to allow students to re-visit key elements of their learning.
  • Stretch and challenge activities are embedded within all lessons to support students in fulfilling, and then exceeding, their potential.
  • As part of the form time curriculum, we have implemented a new Academic Monitoring Curriculum. Here, students who are achieving their current target, are supported to set new, aspirational targets to fully challenge them in excelling academically.
  • We have a range of enrichment opportunities available to challenge all students to move outside of their comfort zone. A great example is the Student Leadership Group where students are developed to become confident ambassadors for the school.
  • It is strong with participation in a range of sports for all abilities.
  • We have a brilliant Performing Arts department and put on great performances annually.
  • Duke of Edinburgh - you get the chance to take part in this!
  • We cater for academic and practical needs in the enrichment we offer.
  • Look at our website under ‘what we offer’ for more info!
  • We don't tell them what their career should be, but what we do is we try to keep options open for them and ensure they get as much information and experience of careers and further education as possible.
  • We have great contact with employers to give them many different choices and opportunities.
  • When the time comes, the student will receive advice and guidance from a qualified careers advisor.
  • Post 16 applications are done in school.

Virtual Tour

As you can't visit us this year, we are bringing The King's School to you. Click on the video to have a look around our school with this virtual tour, and meet some of the staff.

We offer a diverse curriculum for our students in an engaging environment. Click on the video to see what a typical day at The King's School is like.

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If you need to ask us anything, please email admin@kings.patrust.org.uk and a member of our team will get in touch.