This page will be updated regularly as the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation develops.

Schools within Pontefract Academies Trust are implementing the government’s guidance and requirements of us.  We would ask that you do the same to keep your family as safe as possible.   We will continue to communicate with you extensively throughout this period.

For advice and guidance please read the regular updates being published on this page.

Letters to Parents

Letter regarding Year 11 Academic Monitoring - 22/10/2021 Download
Headteacher letter regarding 12-15 Covid-19 vaccination programme - 04/10/2021 Download
Headteacher letter regarding Ackworth Road entrance - 15/09/2021 Download
Start of term letter from Headteacher - 06/09/2021 Download
End of year letter from Headteacher - 23/07/2021 Download
Year 11 Results Day letter - 22/07/2021 Download
Ice Foot 92 Challenge letter - 12/07/2021 Download
King's Fest letter - 02/07/2021 Download
Letter to Year 11 parents/carers - 30/06/2021 Download
Letter to all parents and carers - 28/05/2021 Download
Letter to Year 10 families - 26/05/2021 Download
RSE letter - 21/05/2021 Download
Year 11 End of year letter - 20/05/2021 Download
Letter to parents and carers regarding face masks - 14/05/2021 Download
KS3 End of Year Assessments - 06/05/2021 Download
Year 11 Letter regarding Awarding of GCSE & Vocational Grades - 12/03/2021 Download
CEO Update - 08/03/2021 Download
Reopening Letter - 01/03/2021 Download
Reopening & Testing Letter - 23/02/2021 Download
Update for all parents/carers - 12/02/2021 Download
Headteacher update letter - 01/02/2021 Download
Headteacher update letter - 15/01/2021 Download
COVID Consent letter - 11/01/2021 Download
30 Day Wellbeing Challenge letter - 11/01/2021 Download
Wakefield LA Update - 11/01/2021 Download
CEO Update - 08/01/2021 Download
Update letter to all parents and carers - 05/01/2021 Download
Letter to all parents and carers regarding reopening January 2021 - 31/12/2020 Download
January reopening Letter - 18/12/2020 Download
Update Letter from the CEO - 17/12/2020 Download
Mental Health Matters & Christmas Jumper Day Letter - 11/12/2020 Download
Year 11 Mock Exams Update Letter - 25/11/2020 Download
Information for all parents and carers - 20/11/2020 Download
Year 11 Mock Exams Letter - 12/11/2020 Download
Live streamed lesson update letter - 09/11/2020 Download
General letter for all parents, carers & staff - 09/11/2020 Download
General updates letter to all parents and carers - 06/11/2020 Download
Letter to all parents and carers regarding Live Lessons- 02/11/2020 Download
End of term letter for all parents and carers - 23/10/2020 Download
General letter for all parents and staff - 23/10/2020 Download
CEO letter to all parents/carers - 23/10/2020 Download
'Wear It Pink' letter to all parents/carers - 14/10/2020 Download
UK University & Apprenticeship Virtual Fair for Year 11 students and parents/carers - 14/10/2020 Download
Year 7 Welcome Evening Invite Letter - 14/10/2020 Download
Letter to parents, carers and staff regarding Face Coverings - 13/10/2020 Download
General letter for all parents and staff - 12/10/2020 Download
General letter for all parents and staff - 07/10/2020 Download
Letter regarding Physical Education - 01/10/2020 Download
Attendance Guidance Letter - 22/09/2020 Download
Letter to Year 8 parents and carers - 19/09/2020 Download
Letter to all parents, carers and employees of TKS - 19/09/2020 Download
September Reopening letter - 01/09/2020 Download
Headteacher end of term letter - 15/07/2020 Download
CEO Update - 07/07/2020 Download
Headteacher letter to Year 11 - 03/07/2020 Download
Launch of Online Payments Facility letter (Years 7-10) - 15/06/2020 Download
Year 10 Return letter and plans - 12/06/2020 Download
CEO Update - 11/06/2020 Download
Headteacher letter to Year 10 - 05/06/2020 Download
Return to School Handbook (Year 10) - 05/06/2020 Download
Live Online Lesson letter - 05/06/2020 Download
Headteacher Update - 26/05/2020 Download
CEO Update - 22/05/2020 Download
Letter to Key Workers - 18/05/2020 Download
CEO and Headteacher Update - 15/05/2020 Download
CEO Update - 13/05/2020 Download
CEO Update - 06/05/2020 Download
Headteacher Update - 01/05/2020 Download
Headteacher Update - 24/04/2020 Download
CEO Update - 20/04/2020 Download
Year 11 Applications to New College Pontefract - 20/04/2020 Download
Headteacher Update to Year 10 & 11 Students - 06/04/2020 Download
Headteacher Update - 03/04/2020 Download
CEO Update - 02/04/2020 Download
CEO Update - 24/03/2020 Download
CEO Update - 23/03/2020 Download
Headteacher Update - 20/03/2020 Download
CEO Update - 20/03/2020 Download
Confirmation of Place - Secondary Pupils 20/03/2020 Download
CEO Update to Secondary Parents - 17/03/2020 Download
CEO Update to Secondary Parents - 16/03/2020 Download
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Return to School Information & Risk Assessment - March 2021

01/03/2021 March ReOpening Letter

Videos Containing Further Guidance

Return to School Handbook for All Years - March 2021


Behaviour For Learning (BfL) Summary

Previous Announcements

During this period of closure we will continue to set classwork for all our pupils. You can access home learning information here.

The Government have announced that they will be launching vouchers for parents in receipt of free school meals, however, as yet these are not available.

For those children who are not attending school but are entitled to a free school meal, all schools in Pontefract Academies Trust will be providing grab-bag lunches that families can collect from their child’s school and then immediately return home.  Meals will need to be collected between 11.30pm and 12.30pm.

Further information on the Government guidance is provided in the link below.

Due to the school closures, we recognise the additional stress that this can place on families who are now having to provide additional meals during what would be a normal school day, not just on food resources but also financially. With this in mind, we will ensure that any grab-bags that remain uncollected at the end of the school day are made available to food banks locally.

The list of key workers has not yet been published by the government which was expected to be released this afternoon. Once it has we will be sending you by email a short form to complete to identify pupils of key workers. We would ask that you send this form back as a matter of urgency so we can plan for the number of children attending school on Monday and the provision of school meals.

We once again thank you for your cooperation and understanding in these exceptional circumstances.

As you are aware the school will remain open to vulnerable children and children of key workers. Once the guidance from the Government is released on the definition of a key worker we will be in contact with you again.

We would like to thank you for your support and understanding.

Following the announcement from the Government regarding school closures, Trust and school leaders are currently working through the government guidance. We expect further guidance to be released over the next 24 hours. We would kindly ask you to be understanding in this unprecedented and challenging time. Please be assured that we will provide further communication as soon as we are able to.

The Government announcement means that from Friday 20 March 2020 our schools will be closed from the end of the school day until the Government determine when we can open again.

As instructed by the Government we are to remain open from Monday 23 March 2020 to:

  • Children of key workers
  • Vulnerable children

We will communicate further with you to determine whether you are a key worker when more specific information is provided by the Government.

Please be assured that we are already aware of children who are classed as “vulnerable” and we will directly contact parents/carers to make arrangements for these children to attend school.

Our schools are open as normal. We are following the daily advice provided by the government.  Staffing levels are being monitored on a daily basis along with essential hygiene supplies to keep your child safe.

Should anyone in your household show the signs of Coronavirus the current government advice is that all people in the household should self-isolate for 14 days.  The guidance below advises when self-isolation should end and whether self-isolation should be extended if you or your child develops symptoms.

We would ask that you review the guidance below to determine whether your child or someone within your household is within a defined vulnerable group and follow all the latest advice.

Please be assured that we are already aware of children who are classed as “vulnerable” and we will directly contact parents/carers to make arrangements for these children to attend school.